Seculife | PS300

Multi-Patient Simulator


The PS300 is an easy to use patient simulator with which all parameters can be selected via a graphic display. Automated sequences can be selected for BDM and pressure. 10 patient ports are provided. It can be easily expanded to include an SpO2 function. 2 channels for blood pressure and 49 arrhythmias are available. Two graphic displays allow for display and editing of all possible parameters. Whether for testing, inspection or vocational training, the PS300 supplies the necessary simulations.

SpO2 simulation (option) and full fetal/maternal simulation (including intrauterine pressure), as well as a cardiac output (option) are available in addition to ECG, blood pressure, respiration and temperature.

Product Information

Functions: ECG, blood pressure, respiration, pacemaker and fetal/maternal
Temperature simulation (YSI 400 & 700), cardiac output (option)
SpO2 simulation (option), fetal/maternal simulation (option)
49 arrhythmias / training mode for continuing education
Battery or external power pack: 90 to 264 V AC
Seculife | PS300 Brochure