Corporate Values

Team Building

Wellness PRO defines its existence in terms of people serving people. As such, we undertake to strengthen the Wellness PRO team with true camaderie, open communications, continuous learning and having fun as an organization. We recognize that every Wellness PRO team member is a valuable resource.

The extent, sustainability and the level of the quality of our ability to deliver on our commitment to make accessible to Filipino healthcare better medicine solutions very much depend on the kinds of people we have coming together


Wellness PRO is all about CARE, as each letter stands for the following:

C = competency

A = adaptability

R = relationships

E = ethics

Commitment to Better Medicine.

We endeavor that every product / system / medical technology solution that we bring to the attention of Philippine healthcare stakeholders has passed the strictest of manufacturing quality standards, has been validated as consistent and furthering of good medicine practice, and has solid track record of performance internationally, and has been vetted by professionals as aligned with Filipino healthcare setting requirements. This is why you can readily observe that we bring only one and only the better (if not the best) brand of a given medical technology solution to our customers.

Corporate Values

​Wellness Pro

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