Seculife | IA Luminance Tester

Luminance Monitor


  • The SECULIFE | IA is a precision instrument for the measurement of luminance with a
  • measuring angle of 1°. Luminance measurements at distances of 1 m to ∞ can be performed with the instrument. Close-up lenses available as accessories make measurements at distances of 34 to 50 cm or 51 to 100 cm possible.
  • The SECULIFE | IA features mirror reflex optics with a 15° field of view, a sharply marked 1° measuring circle in the center and a focusing mechanism.
  • Luminance can be measured directly at displays with the help of the optionally available probe for contact measurements. This permits testing of the homogeneity of monitor displays, as well as measurement of the homogeneity of multi-display systems.
  • The light sensitive sensor is color corrected, i.e. its spectral sensitivity is matched to the spectral luminous efficiency of the human eye in daylight V(λ).
  • Classification of luminance meters is specified in DIN 5032, part 7, and DIN EN 13032, appendix B. The SECULIFE | IA fulfills class B requirements in accordance with these standards.

Product Information

Monitors in consideration of ambient light, for example approval and constancy testing in the field of medical technology in accordance with DIN 6868-57, DIN 6868-157, IEC 61223-2-5 (QS-RL dated 20 Nov. 2003) and IEC 62563-1
Street, tunnel and airport illumination
Illumination at sports facilities
Contrast measurements at workstations (ASR)
Illumination in museums and public buildings
Projection screens (inspection for uniform illumination)
Seculife | IA Luminance Tester Brochure