Seculife | ESxtra / ESprime

Electrosurgical Analyzer


With its unprecedented features, the SECULIFE | ESXTRA / ESPRIME has attained to entirely new standards for electrosurgical analyzers with comprehensive functionality.

It offers an unparalleled range of applications and features – all in a single, self-contained electrosurgical analyzer.

Thanks to the use of internal, induction-free high-precision test loads ranging from 0 Ω to 6400 Ω in previously unavailable 1 Ω steps, the SECULIFE | ESXTRA / ESPRIME offers the required compatibility for hospitals as well as for manufacturers. For all eventualities, an option has been provided for adding an external load which assures 100% compatibility with test load requirements during the years to come.

With an HF current range of 2 to 7000 mA RMS (power range of 500 W RMS), the

SECULIFE | ESXTRA / ESPRIME surpasses all currently and previously available analyzers where measuring range is concerned. The accuracy of the new analyzer, which approaches calibration quality, overcomes previous obstacles which thwarted other analyzers that boasted comprehensive functionality.

The SECULIFE | ESXTRA / ESPRIME makes it possible for the user to execute mobile test sequences and calibration procedures with unequaled precision and accuracy, even for the newest generators offered by leading manufacturers.

Functions like automated power/load curve tests with multiple power steps per load setting and automated, user-defined test sequences with an unlimited number of steps, each of which can be furnished with nearly unrestricted ASCII text descriptions, have also contributed to catapulting the SECULIFE | ESXTRA / ESPRIME into a class of its own.

It’s even possible to individually program an automated test report for REM/ARM/CQM tests and/or HF leakage current measurements.

Use of state-of-the-art technology makes strict adherence to the standards of the electrosurgical industry possible through the performance of HF current measurements (instead of voltage measurements).

This not only applies to measurements for conventional generators with “continuous”

waveform output, but rather for generators with “pulsed” output as well.

The new SECULIFE | ESXTRA / ESPRIME is in a class of its own, and its real-time operating system provides for nearly unlimited expansion options for future tasks. This makes it the logical choice ofcustomers who are looking for an analyzer with comprehensive functionality.

As compared with the SECULIFE | ESXTRA , the high sampling rate of the SECULIFE | ESPRIME enables measurement and analysis of pulsed waveforms with up to three different amplitudes.

Product Information

HF current measurement per industry standard for multiple, pulsed waveforms (SECULIFE | ESPRIME)
Ultra-fast digitizing of complex HF waveforms
Compatible with continuous and pulsed output waveforms
Integrated real-time operating system with ¼ VGA color touch-screen
Displays up to 15 different measuring parameters in selectable, definable views
Internal precision test loads from 1 Ω to 6400 Ω in 1 Ω steps
Compatible with external test loads
Automated current-power curves with various power levels per load value setting
Automated, freely definable test sequences
Printing of test results at printers with RS 232 or USB connection
USB (3), RS 232 and Ethernet communication ports
Compatible with external keyboard and mouse thanks to dedicated connectors
Automatic or manual activation of the ESU generator during the load curve test
Remote control of the ESU generator is possible
REM/ARM/CQM test with 500 Ω load, adjustable in 1 Ω steps
HF leakage current measurement
Acquisition, storage and print-out of HF waveforms
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