Seculife | DFpro

Defibrillator Analyzer


The SECULIFE | DFPRO multimode defibrillator analyzer is an intelligent instrument for testing the latest generation of defibrillators. It measures discharged energy and provides information regarding the defibrillator pulse. The measured pulse can be graphically displayed as well. The tester is suitable for manual, semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators with monophasic, biphasic and biphasic pulsed waveform output. Furthermore, the SECULIFE | DFPRO can also be used for testing transcutaneous cardiac pacemakers.


The SECULIFE | DFPRO makes it possible to quickly and directly observe and select the desired waveforms and test data. All operating information can be viewed at the graphics-compatible display (240 x 64 pixels), which makes it easy to navigate through the parameters and to scroll through all available options.

Product Information

Test for shock algorithms
Fully AED compatible
Cardioversion delay measurement (PRO)
26 selectable internal loads (PRO)
Complete pulse analysis (PRO)
Power demand sensitivity test (PRO)
Refractory period tests (PRO)
Defibrillator protection for pacemaker input (PRO)
Seculife | DFpro Brochure