Seculife | ST with (P)Si Module

Multifunctional Test Instrument

All safety relevant, characteristic electrical values can be measured and documented for portable and stationary medical devices with the menu-driven SECULIFE | ST. And you even have the choice between fully automated or manual test sequences.

The SECULIFE | ST detects mains supply power, protection class and mains connection errors at the device under test. The test sequence is significantly simplified by the automatic mode.

   • Select a regulation.

   • Press the start key.

   • Read the results.

Complete function tests can be also conducted with mains power on large, high-power devices with the integrated test socket.

The SECULIFE | ST is equipped with an operator safety switch.

The SECULIFE | ST is the only measuring instrument available on the market which has been designed to test medical devices operated with 3-phase electrical current. AT3-IIIE and AT3-IIS 3-phase current adapters can be furnished to this end as optional accessories.

Possible areas of use and measurements performed with the SECULIFE | ST are expanded with numerous multimeter functions. The performance of individually configured single measurements is thus made possible.

As a standard feature, the SECULIFE | ST is equipped with an RS 232 port for transferring measurement and test reports to a PC or a printer.

The instrument can be optionally expanded to include a printer-memory-interface with GOSSEN METRAWATT’s external (P)Si module. The SECULIFE | ST is compatible with PS 3, visualFM, Fundamed, MD Data, PC doc Word/Excel, PC doc Access and other software.

Product Information

Protective conductor resistance with 200 mA
and 10 or 25 A test current
Insulation resistance
Earth leakage current
Contact current (device leakage current)
Patient leakage current, AC and DC
Patient auxiliary current
Equivalent leakage current method
Direct measurement method
Differential current measurement
Up to 10 application parts (2 mm) can be connected and individually assigned to groups
Internal memory for 125 tests
RS 232 port
Mains connection: 110 V / 60 Hz, 230 V / 50 Hz
Extensive accessories for testing 3-phase devices
Safety for the inspector in case of mains errors or increased residual current due to power-off
HV test (option)
Seculife | ST with (P)Si Module Brochure