Seculife | ESpro

Analyzer for Electrosurgical Devices​


The SECULIFE | ESPRO is an analyzer for electrosurgical devices with extremely high accuracy which approaches calibration quality. It’s suitable for use by manufacturers and users of high frequency surgical equipment who want to test their HF generators in precisely the same way as the manufacturers of medical devices do, because it boasts a measuring uncertainty of just 1%.

Product Information

Displays: mV, mV peak, mA, crest factor and power
Large graphic display with selection of options and parameter settings using a cursor
1% deviation from the measured value
Digital data read-out via USB and RS 232
Optional PC application software provides additional functionality, diversity and an option for saving data
Digital calibration – no potentiometers to adjust
Graphic display of generator waveforms with scroll and zoom functions
Internally shielded input circuits
Acquisition, saving and printing of waveforms read out by ESU generators with up to 32,768 data points by means of special computer software
Internal data memory for 3 complete data records with ESU waveforms
Creation of a user-specific table for load resistors based on the most commonly used load resistors
Selectable data displays
Smallest and lightest tester for HF surgical equipment
Seculife | ESpro Brochure