Seculife | DPpro

Hand-Held Tester


The SECULIFE | DPPRO is a high-precision digital pressure gauge. It measures compatible gas and liquid pressure values in various units of measures. It’s equipped with one or two pressure sensors and an optional temperature sensor input, in order to be able to acquire pressure and temperature with a single measuring instrument. An analog output is also available as an option.

Selectable pressure sensor ranges: 0.3, 5, 10, 75 and 100 PSI.

Product Information

16-bit measurement
Digital calibration and zero balancing
Measurement of pressure and partial vacuum
Measurement of liquids and gases
Optional DC or HF outputs (cycle rates of up to 100 Hz)
Pressure measuring accuracy: ±0.05%
Selectable display options and digit sizes
Large graphic display with selection of options and parameters setup using a cursor
Seculife | DPpro Brochure