Seculife | IS Luminance Tester

Lighting Fixture Monitor


  • The SECULIFE | IS has been developed specifically for interior light monitoring and fulfills the latest requirements in medical settings.
  • The SECULIFE | IS simplifies quality assurance for diagnostic monitors and medical viewing devices in the field of medicine in accordance with DIN 6856-1.
  • It assures constant illumination and performs interior light monitoring at diagnostic workstations in accordance with DIN EN 61223-2-5 (QS-RL dated 20 Nov. 2003), DIN V 6868-57 / 6868-157.
  • 3 models are currently available with measuring ranges including 20 to 60 lux (SECULIFE IS) 10 to 50 lux (SECULIFE IS RK1) and 50 to 100 lux (SECULIFE IS RK2). This makes room classification monitoring possible in accordance with the new DIN 6868-157 for classes 1 and 2, as well as for class 5 (diagnostics in the field of dentistry).

Product Information

Power supply via USB or external power pack
Color display (red/green) when the monitoring range is exceeded or fallen short of
Seculife | IS Luminance Tester Brochure