Simple Monitoring with More Accuracy

It offers easy, one-button operation with new functions that will guide user to accurate measurements.  UA-1010 uses the new latex-free and metal-free SlimFit cuff which is more friendly to sensitive skin.

Product Information

Latex-free and metal-free, SlimFit Cuff
Cuff Fit Error Indicator
Movement Error Indicator
Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) Indicator
WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
90 memories + Average reading (All/AM/PM)
Measurement MethodOscillometric Measurements
Measurement RangePressure0-299 mmHg
Systolic Pressure60-279 mmHg
Diastolic Pressure40-200 mmHg
Pulse40-180 bpm
Measurement AccuracyPressure±3 mmHg
Power Supply4 x 1.5V batteries (R6P, LR6 or AA) or
AC adapter(TB-233) (Not included)
Number of measurementsApproximately 1000 measurements when AA Alkaline batteries are used
with pressure value of 180 mmHg at room temperature of 23 °C.
ClassificationsInternally powered ME equipment (Supplied by batteries)
Class II (Supplied by adapter)
Continuous operation mode
Clinical TestAccording to ANSIAAMI SP-10 1992
EMCIEC 60601-1-2: 2007
MemoryLast 90 measurements
Operating Conditions+10 °C to +40 °C 15 %RH to 85 %RH
800 hPa to 1060 hPa
Transport/Storage Conditions-20 °C to +60 °C 10 %RH to 95 %RH
DimensionsApprox. 140 [W] x 60 [H] x 105 [D] mm
WeightApprox. 265 gExcluding the batteries
Applied PartCuffType BF
Useful LifeDevice5 years (when used six times a day)
Cuff2 years (when used six times a day)