KAWE Profi Cardiology Stethoscope

Profi Cardiology Stethoscope

The Profi Cardiology stethoscope is the ideal stethoscope for cardiologists. The chest piece of the KaWe Profi Cardiology stethoscope is available in solid stainless steel. These superior stethoscopes and their outstanding acoustics are crafted with high-quality workmanship and technology. This high-quality stethoscope has a single-tube system with an integrated head piece made of stainless steel. Soft ear tips ensure optimal wearer comfort. Each stethoscope comes with two spare pairs of ear tips, one spare diaphragm and a name plate.

Product Information

Twin-head stethoscope
Chest piece in solid stainless steel design
Diaphragm :Ø 45 mm
Tube length :Approx. 42 cm
Single-tube system with integrated head piece of stainless steel
2 pairs of spare ear tips, 1 spare diaphragm, 1 name plate
Product Sheet
Profi Cardiology Stethoscope Product Sheet