Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors

The all-in-one TM-2441 is here at last. This new device is equipped with a self-blood pressure measurement mode, a multisensor and a special algorithm to detect irregular heart rhythms. The TM-2441 can perform 5 types of self-blood pressure measurement in addition to ABPM measurement.

Self-blood pressure measurement overview

  • OBP: Office Blood Pressure enables simple one-time measurement and display of results on the large LCD.
  • AOBP: Automated Office Blood Pressure can eliminate the effect of white coat hypertension during Office BP measurement.1 You can set the rest time, number of measurements and interval time.
  • HBP: Home Blood Pressure mode allows the monitor to be used for BP measurement at home in addition to ambulatory BP monitoring.
  • ASBP: Automated Self Blood Pressure uses an alarm to inform you when to begin blood pressure measurement at home.
  • ANBP: Automated Night Blood Pressure mode enables measurement of the blood pressure a set number of times at night.

The compact, portable TM-2441 is also excellent for spot measurement in wards. The multisensor allows temperature, pressure and activity to be measured simultaneously with ABPM measurement. This data is useful for analyzing the influence of the external environment on BP variability. IHB mode records detection of irregular heartbeats. Effectiveness has demonstrated by verification of AF screening for arrhythmia. The software that comes with the TM-2441 can analyze waveforms produced during measurement and easily determine blood pressure values.



Product Information

24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
Self measurement
- OBP: Office Blood Pressure
- AOBP: Automated Office Blood Pressure