Maico MB11 BERAphone AABR Newborn Hearing Screener

PC Based AABR Screening

Why screen via AABR method?

Screening with auditory brainstem response is a direct test of the entire auditory pathway up to the brainstem. It also detects auditory neuropathy and other nueral defects which cannot be found with OAE measurements.


With the MB11 BERAphone you get automatic ABR at the speed and cost of OAE measurement and with very high sensitivity and specificity.

Product Information

Automatic, reliable ABR-screening Results
Innovative BERAphone design given cost saving integrated electrodes
CE-Chirp-Stimulus / Impedance Check for fast results
Easy PC Connectivity for power / Data Transfer
User Friendly Software
Stimulus type CE-Chirp stimulus™
Stimulus rate 93/s
Stimulus levels 35 dBHL
Display Normal mode test result (PASS/REFER/ABORT), test diagram, signal quality display, traffic light for impedance test.
Signal quality check By signal quality bar (EEG) AABR-Algorithm patented FSS-test (fast steady state)
Sensitivity > 99,9 %
Specificity> 96,7 %
Standards IEC 601-1, BF according to medical directive 93/42/EEC, CE 0124
Power supplyUSB-Port 5V DC max. 400 mA
Environmental Conditions+15 ... + 35 C / + 59 ... + 95° F (operation) + 5 ... + 50 C / + 41 ... + 122° F (storage) Maximum humidity 75% (operation) Maximum humidity 90% (storage)
Speaker Integrated, dynamic wideband speaker (8)
ElectrodesReusable, stainless-steel electrodes with gel protectors
Preamplier ntegrated, 87 dB Amplication (23.000x)
Power Supply via USB port of computer
Power Consumptionmax. 400 mA
Weight 165 g
DimensionsW x D x H: 12 x 9 x 3 cm
Maico MB11 Brochure