The light source is one of the most important parts of a laryngoscope. Only when the anesthesiologist, emergency doctor or emergency medical technician has an optimal view can the intubation be successful. This is important for the safety of both doctor and patient. KaWe has therefore developed lighting systems that improve the lighting conditions by 70%. This excellent illumination is backed by the latest LeD light technology and the most modern fiber optics.


Product Information

High transmission degree within the complete visible wavelength area
Numerical aperture 0.64 (theoretical value at 587 nm)
Excellent radiation properties
More than 4000 sterilization cycles in the autoclave at 134°c
3500 / 5500 / 8000 single
Xenon lamp with a service life of more than 20 hours
The protective lamp cap made of metalensures a longer service life of the xenon lamp