Visio Focus by Technimed Srl won significant award in A’design Award & Competition

Fits best into scientific instruments, medical devices and research equipment design categories, Visiofocus thermometer by Technimed Srl received a significant international design award. Being frontrunner is because of its unique properties, production, etc...  Visiofocus is the evolution of Thermofocus which designed not only to measure the body temperature without any contact with the skin but to project the temperature directly on the patient’s forehead or on any other surface. Intends to get rid of problems such causing discomfort to the patients and requiring expensive hygienic covers, Thermofocus, the first designed thermometer able to take temperature at distance on the forehead. To that, had so much gratitude to an optical system indicating the correct distance at which to take the measurement and when the distance change, temperature would adjust the same way.

Both living beings and objects emit infrared radiations with different wavelength according to their surface. This radiation is captured by the thermopile sensor inside VisioFocus, and amplified and elaborated in a sophisticated way to give the temperature. As the forehead’s temperature of a person is highly affected by the environment, VisioFocus, knowing the room temperature, adjusts the real forehead temperature in order to give a temperature comparable to the one in other body’s sites.

One of the more complicate parts of the project was the projection system. In fact, it was necessary to realize a very small and “negative” Lcd display, through which the light of a low consumption Led had to aim. Moreover, the lenses had to enlarge the image of the digits of the display and, at the same time, to project it clearly on a surface placed at the device working distance (6 cm). The lenses have to avoid any aberration of the image, thus providing a perfectly focused projection.

To find the precise correlation between the temperature on the forehead and on other body sites and find exact adjustment to be applied by the software in every situation, lots of measurements were made on many people at room temperature from 16 to 40°C. By this it is essential to know that while other parts of the body are protected by clothes the forehead is usually exposed to the air that dissipates heating and thus reduces the forehead temperature according to the room temperature.

Non-contact thermometers can be used to check causing and arriving traveller for fever like epidemics of disease such as SARS coronavirus and Ebola virus disease.

VisioFocus or a non contact/ infrared thermometer play low risk of cross- infection since it can determine the temperature of a target object without physical contact. The measurement system does not contaminate, damage, or interfere with the process being monitored bringing much more advantages over contact measurement devices.


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