Functional space saving scales proven by SECA

Wellness PRO Incorporated provides variety of scales which can be used in different medical conditions and upbringing. Dealing with private and government medical institutions over the years have proven and tested that up until now Wellness Pro is bringing good marketing of Seca scales.

Scales carry a great value in terms of mechanism and functionality. Having good patient care is provided by critical data of scales. It is a foundation into arriving at a high quality of care. In spite of the size it still characterized a robust mechanical scale that weighs quickly, comfortably and precisely.

One space saving scale is the Seca 760 which is precise and durable. A classic scale from Seca has chattels which make it modern nowadays. It can be readily used even without electrical power or batteries. The unique design of the scale might leave its mark to classic designs lover.

A scale characterized as robust and lightweight and formed as 2 scales in 1 delineated as easy to transport and operate is the electronic baby scale with fine graduation and usable as flat scale for children. Seca 354 has a comfortable weighing tray and base with a fine graduation which serves as the floor scale that are securely locked together ensuring that the baby can be weighed carefully.

Another space saving scale classified as tough and reliable is the Seca 310. It is designed principally in areas where there have no access to hospitals and baby clinics. It is ideal for use anywhere. Scale’s parts are extremely durable and safe for babies.

A quality Seca product 874 provides benefit in terms of performance capability for long years. It’s made up light and robust enough and can be used in multiple exam rooms. It has an easy-to use design with long batteries and precision unaffected by humidity levels.

These functional space saving scales are specially designed for use in medical practices. Realistic quality products of Seca bring an ideal means in your medical facility where you can find preciseness of results and true meaning of care subjected to your customers and patients.



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