Medical Product Specialist

Medical Product Specialist 

(Code: MPS)


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Train clinical end users on the medical technology solutions just commissioned.
  • Update / educate clinical practitioners on specific, next level medical technologies, protocols, studies towards better patient outcome.
  • Assist healthcare institutions comply with the level of medical services required of them by the regulatory environment (e.g. DOH, Philhealth, Republic Acts, etc.)
  • Package medical technology solutions by which healthcare institutions can adopt them from science based approach, procurement, return on investment assurance, medical equipment up time, among others.

Qualifications Sought:

  • Clinical Experience
  • Nursing Board Passer
  • MS Office Proficient
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Excellent interpersonal Skills
  • Passionate about Health
  • Detail oriented
  • Willing to travel around the country
  • Ready to interact w/ patients
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